Dirt & Tractor Work: Building a Strong Foundation

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There are several steps required to prepare the land before a construction project can begin, and a key part of this process is dirt & tractor work. This type of work provides a strong foundation and helps prepare the property for proper drainage. Our team at Vickery Lawn Service, Land Clearing, and Stump Grinding has plenty of experience with dirt & tractor work, and we would be honored to assist you with your next project.

Dirt & Tractor Work: Building a Strong Foundation

If you’re not sure what dirt & tractor work entails, here are a few key common services we provide:

  • Site Evaluation. An extensive evaluation of the site is required before we begin any soil work. Our team will assess the geography, soil type, and drainage patterns when providing dirt & tractor work.
  • Land Clearing. Part of preparing the land includes land clearing. By using attachments like grapple buckets or bulldozer blades, our equipment can effectively clear and remove undesired vegetation.
  • Excavation. The excavation process involves removing extra dirt to shape and elevate the construction site as needed. Our team uses backhoe or excavator attachments to complete this step, which is essential for leveling the ground and making room for the intended construction project.
  • Grading. To allow for appropriate drainage, grading is the act of establishing a gradual slope away from the construction site. To shape the terrain to the appropriate slope, our team utilizes dirt & tractor work to prevent water from collecting around structures and guarantee appropriate runoff.

These are just a few ways dirt & tractor work can prepare your site. Contact our team to learn more.