Four Benefits of Forestry Mulching You Shouldn’t Overlook

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Although there are many types of land clearing methods, forestry mulching is our method of choice at Vickery Lawn Service, Land Clearing, and Stump Grinding. Unlike some other methods, forestry mulching is very environmentally friendly in addition to being incredibly efficient, and it comes with a wide variety of benefits.

Four Benefits of Forestry Mulching You Shouldn’t Overlook

Here are just four benefits of forestry mulching that you shouldn’t overlook:

  1. Prevents Soil Erosion- Soil erosion is a major problem when it comes to traditional land clearing methods because it leaves the ground bare and vulnerable to rain or wind. However, leaving a layer of mulch behind helps to keep the soil in place, not only allowing for healthy plant growth, but also reducing pollution in nearby bodies of water.
  2. Requires No Permits- Whereas other land clearing methods require you to get formal permission before you can start, forestry mulching doesn’t because it is a simple method that doesn’t require any hauling. And because you don’t need to obtain a permit, you don’t have to wait to begin either.
  3. Provides Quicker Results- Forestry mulching is much faster than other methods. In fact, it can usually be completed within one day.
  4. Improves Soil Quality- Mulch adds nutrients back into the soil, increasing its pH level and providing a healthier environment for trees of plants to grow.

If you need forestry mulching in Livingston, Texas or surrounding areas, contact us today to learn more about it. We would be more than happy to answer your questions.